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Compass is a suite of tools designed to produce actionable business insights from budget materials quickly and easily

Business Development

View the programs you care about and see how relevant funding has changed budget to budget

Use data filters to quickly find adjacent and new programs of the same type

Programs are tagged by contractor, allowing you to immediately see competitor dynamics

Strategy Professionals

Roll up line items to the markets that matter using Avascent's industry standard market taxonomy

Visually compare budget requests and see how markets are changing over time

Avascent’s FY18 forecast and historical comparisons provides expert opinion on where programs might go

Industry Researchers & Analysts

Accelerate your research with tools that have gathered, extracted, and organized the data for you

Roll up budget data to the level you need for tables and charts; export and use our reports as you see fit

Compare historical budgets against our forecast, and get an update for the FY18 budget release

Powerful Budget Analysis Capabilities

One of the most frequent question is, “how was my program, market, customer affected by the budget?” It was also one of the most cumbersome to answer, with the answer spread across multiple files and spreadsheets. Compass captures, formats, and presents budget and program data across multiple years, allowing analysts to understand both new priorities and where they diverge from previous budgets

Compass adds expert-generated metadata and tags to data, permitting analysts to aggregate and assess trends in more meaningful, market and customer-focused categories to drive real insight into who agency dynamics

Understand the winners and losers, important areas of a competitor’s portfolio, and how the industry is affected by shifting budget priorities

Seamless Integration

Generate slick PowerPoints – not a blurry screenshot – that combine our data with valuable analysis. Cut, paste, and edit the pieces you need.

Intuitive dashboard designed for quick budget cuts and deep dives
Detailed Excel dataset, fully loaded with pre-built dashboard tab and pivot tables
Auto-generated, formatted PowerPoint Reports for easy sharing and briefing  

Features & Specs


Detailed program by program dataset

Quick turn refresh when FY18 PBR is released

Extensive customer meta data tagging

Custom market taxonomy for easy roll ups

Programs tagged with contractors

Easily apply filters to create custom cuts

Product Features

Access to online dashboard full of charts and tables

Formatted Excel workbook with full dataset

Linked directly to Budget source documentation

On demand generation of reports from online dashboard

Quick search based on keywords across current & historic PBR's


Upon Request

One on one Avascent Budget Analysis Training

Customized dashboards and reports

Budget scenario modeling

Simple, Flexible Pricing

Why wait for the final budget to be released? Get started now and get access to Avascent’s projected FY18 budget. Get the full budget immediately after its release.

20% off, early bird pricing now through May:

  • Basic

  • $42/mo
    • FY17 PBR Excel Workbook
    • Avascent’s FY18 PBR Estimate
    • FY18 PBR updates

    1 year subscription required, $500 billed annually

  • Standard

  • $71/mo
    • Everything in Basic Package
    • Online dashboard
    • Enhanced metadata

    1 year subscription required, $850 billed annually

  • Enterprise

  • --
    • Customized solution
    • Unlimited Seats
    • Budget Briefings

    Contact us to learn more about pricing & features

Billed annually, full 12 month

Have a Question? Want a Demo? Contact us to learn more!