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Check out Compass, our latest product for analyzing the DoD  budget

Compass — the new DoD Budget Analysis Tool — quickly captures and formats DoD budget and program data across multiple years for actionable insights into how changing DoD priorities impact your business. Subscriptions starting at $500/year

Global Platforms and Systems

A dynamic view of the world’s defense markets at your fingertips

A detailed forecast of global defense spending, spanning the U.S. and 66 accessible countries.  Grow your business by identifying opportunities, perform competitive analyses, & build a data driven strategy.

Federal Contracts Intelligence Tool

Federal Contracts analysis meets predictive analytics

Millions of lines of data distilled into meaningful analyses of growth sectors, competitors, and major contracts. Analyze customer dynamics, and assess market share at the task order and contract level.

Global Space


Forecast of everything in space…and everything that gets it there

The Global Space Systems tool provides a dollar-denominated forecast of launch vehicles and satellites (including smallsats), across commercial, civil, and military markets

The most comprehensive market coverage of A&D and government driven markets available


Percent of Western Addressable Spend



Other Products & Offerings

Defense Budgets

Detailed forecasts at the account level to highlight customer spending priorities


Detailed view of procurement and maintenance of avionics systems across the globe

Commercial Aircraft Systems

Comprehensive and granular forecast of commercial aviation equipment

Consulting & Technical Services

Robust contract analysis, market segment forecasts, and competitive information at the task order level

U.S. Cyber Markets

Forecast of the U.S. Federal Cyber market across a variety of sectors and customers

U.S. Intel Community

Unclassified assessment of IC spending by agency and market sector

Powerful Visualization Engine for Powerful Insights

Avascent Analytics delivers data through a visualization platform that enables analysis at the speed of thought